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DDEC Background

DDEC is an education centre registered with the Ministry of Education (MOE Regn. No. 2505) and the ACRA. The school has been maintaining high quality of education in Singapore since 2007. Started as a group tuition in 1993 by its founder Mr Maideen, DDEC has since trained thousands of students who are currently working as doctors, engineers, pilots, researchers, senior police officers, teachers and many more in Singapore and abroad.  Among all the tutoring centers, DDEC aims to set the pace for others to follow.

Personalized Lessons

Every learner is unique. Donason Deen Education Centre and the teachers believe that knowledge must be acquired through passion & NOT through force.  

Unique @ DDEC

DDEC attributes its success to; 

  • Continuous improvement policies,
  • Neuro-Reprogramming seminars for peak performance, 
  • Soft skill tools and strategies for Academic Success, 
  • Well-structured academic programmes, 
  • Diagnostic testing procedures,
  • Friendly, experienced & graduate tutors, rich A/V resource bank, 
  • Integrity & transparent policies, 
  • Use of Lab kits & learning models,

Who is @ DDEC

Maideen is the founder of the Donason Deen Education Centre, a tuition centre, registered with MOE

Mr Maideen

He is the founder of Donason Deen Education Centre and Donason Deen Research Centre. He is an Engineer turned teacher with First Class Honours Degree in Bachelor of Engineering. He is a member of the Institution of Engineering and Technology (UK) and the Institution of Engineers (Singapore). His passion for teaching and training prompted him to become a certified and registered hypnotherapist as well as a member of American Board of Hypnotherapy (California), National Guild of Hypnotists (New Hampshire) and Florida Society of Professional Hypnotherapists (Florida). 

He is a member of the old RafflesianAssociation.    He has authored the Self Hypnosis Audio series which includes the “Self-Hypnosis for Students” programme. Having founded the “Neuro-reprogramming seminars for breakthrough performance”, his depth of understanding of the students’ psychology and wealth of knowledge in the subject matter would certainly benefit students enabling them to produce peak performance in their examinations. He is author of “Achiever’s Series” of textbooks for Chemistry and Mathematics. Other titles that he had authored are "Is your child a genius?" and "26 ways to outsmart Singapore Exams!".

Mr Tan is a tutor and an alumni of Donason Deen Education Centre during his secondary school days

Mr Tan Huan Terng

Mr. Tan holds a First Class Honours Degree in Bachelor of Engineering from the National University of Singapore. He was a 11 distinctions holder in ‘O’ levels and scored 4 distinctions in his ‘A’ levels with distinctions in his special papers in Mathematics and Physics. He was an OCBC Scholar. He was in the Dean’s List for 3 consecutive years in NUS. He is very popular with his students with his own unique style of delivery of his lessons. He also acts as a model for the students who want to achieve greater heights. We are honoured to say that Mr. Tan was also an old student of DDEC during his ‘O’ levels.

Teachers @ DDEC

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Additive colour mixing demo using the DDEC developed teaching kits for the lower secondary students

Breakthrough in learning using Neuro-Reprogramming

DDEC is a place for those who want peak academic & personal performance. It is a place for initiation of the aspiring minds, creativity, & performance. 

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Video Direction from Lavender MRT to DDEC

Video showing the visual direction for walking from Lavender MRT Station to Donason Deen Education Centre at Kitchener Complex.