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Learning is Fun

DDEC Specialities....

DDEC uses good teaching & learning resources for students. View the gallery of scientific equipment used for teaching. The students learn with hands-on practicals. 3D models complimented by animated PowerPoint lessons provide holistic learning and retention. Learning should be fun is the key ideology of DDEC.  

Learning is Fun

DDEC Publications....

DDEC has produced & published the finest learning materials graded to student’s ability. The diagnostic test papers, Challenging questions, text books, quick revision references, Neuro-Reprogramming books, audio and video publications etc. are only available to our own students though some are available to public.

NRP Seminar for Academic Success


About NRP...

Neuro-Reprogramming or NRP seminar is a seminar cum workshop for peak performance using Neuro Linguistic Psychology and hypnotherapy. This programme has been customised for students to produce academic success and personal success through 5 elements.


  • Hemi-Sphere Integrated Learning technique (HILT) which is based on Nobel Prize Winner Rogers Sperry’s work on Left and Right hemispheres of the brain to create effective learning and retention according the neurological functioning of the brain.

  • Super-Power Pneumonics and memory techniques for everyday applications as well as for memorising for examination success. Retention, more than understanding is essential in closed book examinations and this part of the seminar & workshop equips our students with all the memory skill sets.

  • Subconscious Reprogramming is based on hypnotic and subliminal communications to induce confidence, eliminate phobia and negativity. It also gives an in depth knowledge of how human mind works and the mechanisms of human behaviour. 

The above are some of the highlights of this workshop. Almost all our students experience huge transformation in their academic as well as in their social life and are in leading roles in their fields. 

DDEC's Learning Resources

PowerPoint Presentations


This section shows PowerPoint Presentations of the lessons at Donason Deen Education Centre

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View the list of teaching and learning kits used at Donason Deen Education Centre to enhance the learning experience of the students

Video Tutorials


Video tutorials that have been recorded live at Donason Deen Education Centre during the class can be viewed in this section

Classroom Worksheets


Samples of worksheets used in the classroom with students of Donason Deen Education Centre 

Homeworks & Tutorials


Samples of homework sheets and tutorials used at Donason Deen Education Centre  

Text books, notes & guide books


 Text books, notes and quick revision guide books available to students of Donason Deen Education Centre